Unlimited Beat License

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Unlimited Beat License

Exclusively Lease one of my Premium WAV/MP3 beats for £400 per every 10K copies sold & 40K streams of the song.

Once you have told me the description of which you want this beat to suit, I will send you up to three revisions which will help make this beat fit perfect for you.

This will be sent in:
to provide you with different formats & the ability to get creative and make the beat further your own.

This beat is tailored and customised specifically to your wants or needs... meaning you will be the only person who uses it. (If 1 year license term runs out & isn't renewed this beat can't be guaranteed exclusivity).

Broken Thought Records owns the rights to 50% of all artist royalties on whatever song is released with a leased beat.

This is an Unlimited License Term.

Sell Unlimited / Stream Unlimited

Broken Thought Records owns 25% of artist royalties on whatever track(s) use any elements of this beat.

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